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Pimento Cheese Dip

A Southern favorite also known by locals as ‘Carolina caviar’ served with White’s Wayside  toast wedges $4.50  

Boneless Chicken Bites I Jalapeño Bites I Corn Dog Nuggets
Served with honey mustard or house-made raspberry sauce $7.99


Southern Fried Pickles
With ranch sauce $6.99

Sandwiches and Entrees

All served with French Fries or side of Seasonal Greens. Sweet Potato Fries add $1

The “Marino’s Classic” Hamburger

Two 3 oz. patties of locally sourced beef made to order and served medium topped with sliced tomato, lettuce, and pickles and served on a Martin’s potato bun with in-house made Marino’s ‘Belvidere’ burger sauce $14

Burger Bash Winner 2016 New York City


The “Beanie” Veggie Burger  

Locally sourced from No Bull Burger in Charlottesville topped with sliced tomato, Boston lettuce, avocado,  in-house made chipotle mayonnaise, and served on a Martin’s potato bun $14 


Single Patty Burger  

The “Marino’s Classic” Hamburger made with a single patty (add a slice of American cheese for $1.50) $11 

The “Bass Run” Fish Sandwich  

House IPA battered cod or haddock served with shredded Romaine, pickles, and in-house made tartar  sauce on a Martin’s potato bun $16 


The “Traditional” Chicken Cobb Club Sandwich  

Grilled chicken, hard-boiled egg, crispy bacon, house-made chipotle mayonnaise, shredded Romaine,  sliced tomato served on toasted seven-grain bread  $15  


“The Hippy Fiasco Rides Again” Chilli Dog  

A 1/4 pound all-beef hot dog served with in-house made chilli and chopped onions  $9.99 


French Fries I Sweet Potato Fries I Cole Slaw I Sauerkraut I Chips I Side Salad I Snack Mix



Extras Toppings

Bacon $2 I Cheese $1 

“Loaded” with bacon and cheese $2.99 



The “Nathalie” Veggie Salad  

Feta Cheese, radish, tomato, cucumber, romaine and iceberg lettuce blend, scallions, black olives, oregano  with balsamic vinegar dressing, herb croutons  $11 


Add Grilled Chicken I $5  

Add Sesame Seared Tuna I $7.50  


Orange Fennel Salad  

Mixed greens with sliced fennel, orange slices, red onion, almonds, dried cranberries, Kalamata olives,  served w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette  $13  


Home-made Dressings  

Freshly made in-house from our secret recipes  

Lemon Dressing I Creamy Mustard  

Ranch I Honey Mustard I Balsamic  

Extra Dressing $.50



Slice of Whites Wayside Pie  

Coconut Cream I Peanut Butter  



Moon Pie 




Coca Cola I Diet Coke I Sprite I Dr. Pepper I Ginger Ale I Yoohoo  Cheerwine I Gold Peak Iced Tea (Sweet and Unsweetened)  



Coffee or Tea  


All shelved items are locally sourced and are for sale

(see bartender for pricing)

Marino’s Lunch kindness and hospitality are a proud Southern tradition and are of course our pleasure

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