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  • Mandy Bartholomew

Marino’s Lunch in Staunton back open under condensed hours

Updated: Jul 16, 2022

STAUNTON, Va. (WHSV) - After remodeling for the past four years, Marino’s Lunch in Staunton is slowly opening its doors again.

Owner Victor Meyer took the last few years to really dive deep into what he wanted to change and accomplish with this remodel. He looked at things he knew had longevity in working and changed the things that didn’t, all in the midst of a pandemic.

“It gave us time to think about how we were gonna recreate what Marino’s originally was but in a way that made the business model sustainable because everyone liked to go to Marino’s but it didn’t work commercially and we were able to do that,” Victor Meyer, owner of Marino’s Lunch, said.

Marino’s has a rich history of bluegrass music and is the go-to spot for people wanting to play and listen to music in Staunton, so Meyer expanded on that aspect of the restaurant.

“It became obvious that people were going to eat outside and that was gonna be a sustainable development so we completely excavated the backyard and we put in a terrace system that allows outdoor dining and outdoor dining lounge and music venue,” Meyer said.

The popular restaurant is now open, but operating under a condensed schedule as they continue to look to fill positions on their staff.

“In order to be able to ramp up, right now we’re only open five days a week in the evenings, in order to be able to ramp up, in order to fully realize the vision and the dream that we have and the community expectation we simply need some staff,” Meyer said.

The owner hopes with the remodel and reworking of the restaurant can showcase everything Staunton and the Shenandoah Valley embody.

“I wanna help it make Staunton work, and contribute to Staunton as a prosperous business location, a prosperous hub and destination for tourists and to serve the local community,” Meyer said.

Marino’s Lunch is currently open Tuesday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

“It’s gonna be a really amazing place on a summer night to listen to some music or on a Saturday or Sunday morning to come in and get a bucket of mimosas,” Meyer said.

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